A plumber who sees blue, hamsters without jetlag and constant power for pilots: The reviving as well as the animated story of the drugs against erectile dysfunction.

When the FDA approved the drug for erectile dysfunction on March 27, 1998, a sigh of relief went through the men’s world. The home remedies to increase potency had served their day, rather martial-looking equipment such as penile prostheses or syringes for the best piece was allowed to disappear in the drawer. The hope for sexual steadfastness from now had a name: Viagra.

Side effect more potency

The blue wonder pill was – like so much on the drug market – a product of chance. Actually, the drug should treat the drug sildenafil heart. The attempt failed. On the other hand, the drug was really potent in the clinical test run below the waistline. The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been listening. It was noticeable that the subjects did not want to return the tablets at the end of the test phase. The potential of this side effect was quickly realized by the pharmaceutical company. In less than six months, the FDA released the funds for the market. “The moment I remember exactly,” says Theodor Klotz of the Weiden Hospital. “It was an equal breakthrough for the man, like the introduction of the pill for the woman. “If men ever went into treatment because of their erectile problems, doctors could only offer them psychotherapy to date. “After that, it was easier for men to talk about their condition, but the majority was just as impotent as before,” says the urologist.

After the end of patent protection

Viagra became a millionaire businessman. Pfizer shares it since 2003 with Eli Lilly and Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline: Levitra (active ingredient Vardenafil) and Cialis (active ingredient Tadalafil) act like Viagra: They improve the circulation of the genitals and thus promote an erection. The active substances are so-called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, abbreviated PDE-5 inhibitors.

Since June 22, 2013, the patent for Viagra has expired. Cheaper generics (generic products) were thus in the pharmacies. Brand new on the market of potency drugs: In the spring of 2014 Spedra (active ingredient Avanafil) was approved, another PDE-5 inhibitor, which should be characterized by an even faster onset of action.

However, shortly after the introduction of Viagra first deaths were known. Viagra was involved – but it was not the fault of the man’s death. “Imagine sitting in front of you a 100-kilo man with blue lips and shortness of breath. You do not give a bike to go to the next mountain, “says urologist Theodor Klotz. Say: A person with a very weak heart can take over sex – with deadly consequences.

Blinded by love

Viagra is not a harmless joker, it’s a prescription drug for good reason. “Much helps a lot,” thought an unsuspecting plumber. Now he is paying for his naivety and looks for an overdose of Viagra: blue, and permanently. He would like to forego all sex in the world, if he saw a red mailbox back in the original color, said the 58-year-old British newspaper “Sun”. Visual disturbances are a known side effect of the remedy. Apart from such headlines, however, Viagra also achieves success beyond the beds.

Studies show that the drug increases the capacity of the lungs for oxygen – a life-sustaining effect for mountain climbers with altitude sickness. The Israeli army is doing the same thing. According to media reports, she regularly gives her fighter pilot Viagra in order to keep her in shape. Even people who suffer from pulmonary hypertension, the Viagra drug Sildenafil – as a drug called “Revatio”.

Viagra against jet lag and obesity

Not even hamsters are safe from attempts by the Viagra researchers. Researchers at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes in Buenos Aires found that the rodents had jet maggot along much better and faster when given Viagra. Hamsters and other interested parties with world travel ambitions, however, should be said that the effect unfolds only to the east – in other words, in time zones that are “ahead” of us.

Another positive side effect has been found in a study by the University of Bonn. Therefore, Viagra could help to reduce obesity. At least the scientists have observed this in mice. However, why this effect occurs and whether it can also be transferred to humans is still unclear.

Potent protection for the gut

Viagra enters the blood via the intestinal wall. According to Anthony Segal and his staff from University College London, it could also help patients with Crohn’s disease. Because it stimulates the blood circulation, the body’s own defense should start better. It is designed to help people with inflammatory bowel disease.

Even though Viagra has been able to prove his talents in a wide range of applications, perhaps his greatest merit is the fact that he has failed erectile dysfunction. “Men today can speak more openly about potency problems,” says urologist Theodor Klotz. 70 percent of men with erectile dysfunction could be helped. Viagra works with 60 to 80 percent safety. Nevertheless, sex remains private pleasure – the health insurance pay only in rare cases.

Permanently potent with PDE-5 inhibitors

It is, therefore, all the more important to find the right dosage with the help of the doctor – and to choose the right preparation. Levitra, for example, works after about 40 minutes, with Viagra, the warm-up phase is about one hour, with Cialis a little longer. Viagra ends after six hours, with Levitra at the latest after twelve, and Cialis can in some cases last for a whole weekend. “With a mild dysfunction, it may even be that a training effect occurs and the men eventually need no more medication,” says the Weidener doctor.

Viagra for the woman?

The newly inflamed lust, however, brings nothing if the partner does not play along. A US investigation shows that the cured men often run riot outside the home. Moreover, the woman’s lust lags behind the resurrected passion – perhaps a reason why the drugs do not sell better. Every fourth woman in Northern Europe suffers from sexual listlessness. Stimulating drugs for the woman, whether the pill or nasal spray – nothing has prevailed so far. For them, only the hope of researching another heart medication remains immediate – with pleasing side effects.